future 1948-2016 notional curriculum text found in 2009 supermarket bag

January 1, 2018

My beautiful picture

3World in 4Time character Kevin Harris teaches Grime Cartoon Fiction at Grunge Hill Senior High School Addingcombe. Using one of character BLANKO’s symbols—Ө—textbook moves from 2009 (Social Reality Earthtime) supermarket bag to a school lost in 4Time. Grime here is history book material. Harris is long Pat Boone poem.

In spurious purple colours all Fifth Grade students at Grunge Hill are dead fictions just as Harris is dead character fiction-within-fiction reborn to poetry.

Black British History p 62

Black British History 1948-2016 is added to Grunge Hill School library and museum– open to all Addingcombe tenants and residents living and dead (characters from long-ceased tv soaps & actors who played them, B-film actors from 30s, 40s, 50s & 60s b & w movies (beefcake studs & pretty starlets, failed novelist scriptwriters & novel scripts all made-up characters including characters still living in their dead heads) — contains nothing but pulps, paperbacks, poetry, punk, sci-fi & queer VHS, workplace socialist bulletins, superhero comic fanzines & girls’ weeklies,  30s, 40s & 50s film annuals & pinup posters, 60 years Beano Dandy, The Magnet, Detective Weekly, adventures of Jeremy in the Daily Chronicle, folders-full-of-Mick, sticker albums, gig guides, tv choice & entertainment weeklies, vinyl & cassette mixtapes, manga comics, horror & anime VHS, porno jizmags from 20thcentury backstreet sex shops, US re/search, semiotext[e] & fourth dispatch collections, The Someday Funnies, Stelling’s 70s cOzmic comic no.3, Mike Weller’s Space Opera pamphlets & purple book, MJ’s Slow Fiction23 box, zinetales, Metrobolist5 (overture & Dedbrickton Oratorio), self- published print-on-demand novels bottom of Amazon sales chart, and spiral-bound little press publications from Europe, China and USA liberated from archives of New Olympus University.

Black British History p 70 Garage and Grime

Sun Rise cottage

September 24, 2009

'Addingcombe' locations 001

St Edward’s – church on the hill

September 24, 2009

the church on the hill

September 24, 2009

'Addingcombe' locations 033

'Addingcombe' locations 035

'Addingcombe' locations 034

mini-movie of last 409 bus stop before dreamtime reality

September 4, 2009

videographs of 409 bus moving to different destinations from same co-ordinate

September 4, 2009

Old Farleigh Road

September 4, 2009

'Addingcombe' locations 015

Zone 4 flyover to M25

August 25, 2009


August 25, 2009

what’s the hurry in Surrey

August 25, 2009

'Addingcombe' locations 014

'Addingcombe' locations 018

'Addingcombe' locations 016

'Addingcombe' locations 017

'Addingcombe' locations 005

'Addingcombe' locations 004